Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal split case pumps ideally suitable for industrial community high flow water pumping, lift irrigation, Fire fighter and water distribution. The double suction design helps pump to balance the forces on impeller and split case design offer fast maintenance & lower down time.

Application of Horizontal split case pumps

  • Power Plants.
  • Processing Plants.
  • Refinery.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants.
  • Water works.
  • Horizontal split case pumps applicable Fire - Fighting.
  • Water Circulation.
  • Air Conditioning Plants.
  • Horizontal split case pumps suitable for Paper, Sugar and Textile Mills etc.
  • Storm water.
  • Sprinkler irrigation.
  • Horizontal split case pumps for Fertilizer Plants.

Performance Range

  • Head range upto 300 meters.
  • Flow range upto (3900 m³/h.)

Features & Benefits

The pumps are non self priming horizontal split case pumps with radial suction port and radial discharge port.

Standard flanges for suction and discharge ports will be PN 16 as per DIN standard EN 1092- 2, PN 25 as per DIN standard EN 1092-2, ANSI 125 and ANSI 250 as per ASME B16.1 are available on request.

These pumps are long coupled pumps with TEFC squirrel cage induction motor with main dimensions complying to IEC standards and mounting designation B3 (IM 1001).

Horizontal split case pumps available with gland packing as well as mechanical shaft seal.

These pumps have the discharge range from 20 to 1320 m³/hr and head range from 4 to 88 metres. Motor ratings are from 3 to 160 kW.

The pump impellers are dynamically balanced to grade 6.3 of ISO 1940. Horizontal split case pumps can be supplied as a complete unit with motor, pump, coupling, coupling guard and fabricated steel base frame.

The split case construction enables removal and dismantling of the internal pump parts e.g. bearings, wear rings, shaft seal and impeller without disturbing the motor & pipe work.

These pumps are available with our standard range of EFF2 motors. They can also be supplied with EFF1 motors on request.


Pump Casing



Shaft Sleeve


Wear Ring


Grey Iron

Grey Iron / Bronze / S.S.

C.S. / S.S. 410 / S.S. 304

Stainless Steel / Bronze

Gland Packing / Mech. Seal

S.S. / Bronze