Gear Pumps

Gear pumps are positive displacement rotary pumps that transport liquids using rotating gears. Gear pumps deliver smooth, pulseless, accurate and repeatable flow. A gear pump consists of two or more rotating gears which mesh together. One of the gears is turned by a power source and drives the other gears. The spaces between the gear teeth carry the fluid from the inlet to the outlet whilst the gear mesh point prevents fluid from returning to the inlet.

Fluidmax offers a wide range of gear pumps suitable for metering and general transfer applications of various industries. Our range of gear pumps are manufactured with high precision, which enables very accurate dosing and transfer. These pumps are outstanding in providing solutions for difficult fluid handling applications. These gear pumps are compact, high pressure pumps which provide a steady and pulseless fluid flow.

Our gear pump can be run for long periods between maintenance making them suitable for continuous duty applications. They are best suited for high viscosity pumping applications such as oils, plastics, paint, adhesives, or soaps.

Features and Benefits

Smooth, pulseless flow

Operate at high speeds

Suitable for high pressure

Good accuracy and repeatability

Excellent for high-viscosity liquids

Sealless and sealed versions

Reliable and easy to maintain

For hazardous, or expensive chemicals without spills, or damage to the environment

Constant and even discharge regardless of pressure conditions

Flexible design offers application customization

Good efficiency


Pumping various lube oil and fuel oil

Lubrication of gear boxes, cranes, machineries etc

Metering fuels and chemical additives

Acids and caustic

Chemical additive and polymer metering

Chemical mixing and blending

Cooling and filtering in machine tools.

Heat transfer liquids for chemical vessels

Handle corrosive liquids

Pumping chocolate, fillers and cacao butter in food industry

Pharmaceutical filling and dispensing